When Michael Jackson Visited Danny Tenaglia at Studio 54


In Issue 23 famed New York City-based DJ/producer Danny Tenaglia fielded questions from Big Shot‘s readers. One of his biggest fans, Jamie, asked Mr. T when he was going to grow his mustache back. Tenaglia replied: “When Michael Jackson comes to visit me again!” Tenaglia was kind enough to allow us to publish this photo of his meeting with Jackson taken presumably near the DJ booth at Studio 54. 

image courtesy of Danny Tenaglia

Dance Music Artists Remember Michael Jackson


It’s still hard to believe that the King of Pop is gone. While Michael Jackson‘s personal life was plagued with alleged addiction to prescription drugs, trials, lawsuits and all sorts of bizarre behavior, he gave the world its greatest-selling album of all time, Thriller, and a body of work that will live on forever. And let’s not forget how he moonwalked into history with some of the best videos and his unprecedented dance moves. Big Shot asked a few prominent dance music artists to share their thoughts on MJ’s legacy.

Gamble & Huff: “Michael was a great and wonderful artist and performer. We were privileged and honored to record him and his brothers here at Philadelphia International Records…. We are very honored to have been a part of Michael Jackson’s music and creative career in helping to write and produce his own music with his brothers. We know his music and legacy will live on for a very long time.”

Scott Kirkland, The Crystal Method: “The controversy that has surrounded him the last 20 years is only eclipsed by the genius of Off The Wall and Thriller.”

Duvdev, Infected Mushroom: “Today is a sad for music. He as a great singer,  a great artist and one of the best performers on the planet. We were looking forward to seeing him back in his full glory on stage, and now with his passing we’ll have to remember him when he was BAD.”

Dave Audé: “I speak for the dance music community when I say Michael Jackson’s music has rocked more dance floors than any other artist, period. I was definitely looking forward to heading over to London to catch a few of his shows. His musical genius will be sorely missed.”