Live review: Matter’s Opening Night

carl cox at matter

If you ever visited London superclub Fabric in the early days, you’ll have a deep understanding of just what a different experience they offered club-goers. All of a sudden the faux leather and sticky carpets of traditional British nightclubs had been replaced with clean, industrial lines, and an experience more in line with the love of sonic ear assaults than half a pint and a pickled egg. Fabric broke the mold for London’s late night crowd, and now they’re at it again.

Matter is their new venture, situated at the incredible o2 arena, and (so I’m told) the first purpose-built music venue in London since the Albert Hall. I’m not entirely sure that’s true, but it sounds good. Almost as good as the M Audio Soundsystem rigged throughout Matter’s impeccable three tier layout. Stunning views of the clubbing carnage that is their 2,000+ capacity dance floor are available from almost any angle, as is a solid view of the DJ booth and stage.

With only the crème de la crème signed up for events at Matter, I can confidently say that whenever you choose to visit this brand new venue, you’ll be offered a similarly impressive experience as I had on their opening club night with Carl Cox. Thanks, Fabric!

Words: Jeryl Wilton
Images: Tom Bunning

matter opening night
matter opening night