DJs Remember Barcelona’s ‘Grandfather of Techno’ Juan Arnau on Twitter

The global club scene is mourning the death of Juan Arnau Ibarz of Florida135 who many regarded as the Godfather of Techno in Barcelona. Arnau, who was 85, died in a hospital in Fraga. Having been open in some form since 1942, the club under Arnau’s direction promoted global house and techno talent such as Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, Jeff Mills and Carl Cox. Despite getting on in years Arnau never lost his passion for clubbing and dance music, a tradition passed down to his family who currently run various other clubs in the city. Arnau’s son released a statement about his father’s passing on Facebook (see English translation below).

A spate of DJs including Ken Ishii, Cisco Ferreira, Adam Beyer and Misstress Barbara have expressed their condolences on Twitter. On Facebook Richie Hawtin wrote, “My condolences to the Arnau family for passing of Juan Arnau Senior. Juan Senior had always greeted me warmly at all my gigs at Florida 135 & El Row over the past 20 years. His presence will be missed.”

Juan Arnau Ibarz deceased,

The “grandfather of techno” as you affectionately llamabáis, and has done so in Fraga, in the hospital, near his beloved room and opened Saturday with the club as he would have liked.

During his last days he was happy and entertained only speak of discos and clubs. Of you and how to make you happy and entertain every weekend. He got it from his thirteen years in his first set foot ballroom.

Now we turn to that honor, as he called it-always honor to serve you in each session or performance-knowledge and to continue his legacy, which for a few hours, know yourself away from these difficult times that we live at all.

Just stop giving them thanks for your generosity to him. I know You wanted him, and respetábais admirábais. She was a good person.

And now, as he also always said “out penalties, the show must go on.”

Thanks and a hug from all of our family.