Lil Wayne Hospitalized After Suffering Multiple Seizures, Prognosis Unknown [Updated]

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is in critical condition at Cedars-Sinai hospital in L.A after suffering multiple seizures, TMZ reports. The site stated that the 30-year-old multi-platinum rapper is “unstable,” reporting that Wayne, who was initially hospitalized on Tuesday after a seizure, suffered another event after he was released.

TMZ reported the following:

We’re told several people are at Wayne’s bedside crying, and a number of rap artists and family members are on the way. Sources say the scene is violent as Wayne shakes uncontrollably.

Sources say there’s evidence Wayne went on a Sizzurp binge after being released Wednesday, because doctors found high amounts of codeine in his system.

We’re told Wanye’s stomach was pumped 3 times to flush the drugs from his system.

According to the Associated Press, Mack Maine said in a Twitter posting that Wayne was “alive and well. We watching the Syracuse (basketball) game…thanks for the prayers and concern..he will update you all soon.”

“We will be releasing an official statement shortly but dont believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe…that’s false!!” Maine tweeted.

mack maine tweet

The New Orleans rapper has suffered several unexplained seizures in the past few months, including two in January while on a plane flight. It has been reported that his mother his en route to be by his side.

10:15 pm EST Update: LA Weekly is reporting that Wayne is “sitting up, drinking water.”