Kangding Ray Approaches LP As Triptych

Kangding Ray by Riccardo Malberti

French techno artist David Letellier, who is more widely known as Kangding Ray, will unveil his debut album, Hyper Opal Mantis, for Luca “Lucy” Mortellaro’s Stroboscopic Artefacts on February 24. Letellier isn’t a newcomer to the Stroboscopic Artefacts camp — his history with the label dates back to 2012 when he released the four-track Monad XI EP. The upcoming 10-track full-length is divided into three states of desire: Hyper is the primal, sensual lust; Opal is the emotional catharsis, a blissful desire for love; and Mantis is the destructive, fatal attraction. Got that? The LP will be released in vinyl, CD and digital formats. The full-length’s lead track “Epsilon” is rather good and can be streamed below. You can also hear Letellier’s track “Summerend” on the massive 111-track #savefabric compilation.

Hyper Opal Mantis Tracklist
1. Rubi
2. Lone Pyramids
3. Epsilon
4. Purple Phase
5. Dune
6. Soul Surfing
7. Outremer
8. Onde Mantis
9. Saudade
10. Laniakea