Ibiza Legend José Padilla Plots International Feel LP

Jose Padilla Day One

Last year iconic DJ/producer José Padilla made his triumphant return to Café del Mar, the Ibiza haunt that served as the location for his innovative exploits in all things Balearic in the ’90s, after a 15-year absence. “It was the only place, the beginning of something new, a great crowd, a magical time of unique circumstances,” he said of his tenure at the venue, which spawned a wildly popular compilation series.

Padilla continues pushing his career forward by announcing a new single called “Day One” produced by H​ending Telephones set for release on March 23 via M​ark Barrott’s International Feel label.

The single sets the stage for Padilla’s first album in 15 years, which features production from a global cast of creatives including W​olf Müller from Germany, M​ark Barrott from Ibiza, T​ornado Wallace from Australia and the aforementioned T​elephones from Norway.

Obligatory press gush from Telephones on working with Padilla: “G​etting the opportunity to work with a pioneers of the Balearic sound didn’t take much considering. Even with 30 years between us, we come from the same place in a spiritual­musical sense. Plus getting the chance to put my pale, Scandinavian feet on Ibiza­ sand was a nice bonus. It was like being able to check out a place you remember, but only through second­hand memories.”