Editorial: A-Trak Launches Bland Travel Website, Curiously Features Annoying Military Ads


Today we received a missive in our inbox stating that venerable DJ/co-owner of the mighty Fool’s Gold label A-Trak had started his own travel blog, Infinite Legroom. We thought the concept was interesting given that DJs rack up a lot of air miles, spend countless hours traveling and regularly experience the world out of a suitcase. “I decided to create the one-stop destination I longed for,” stated A-Trak. “After years of learning the hard way, I can finally share my Tao of travel.”

When we clicked on the link we were taken to the site (which is part of Complex Media’s vast portfolio of online properties) and were immediately barraged by an massive screaming video ad for the Marines. After silencing down the ad, we perused rather dull posts about American Airlines merging with US Airways, flat seats on Iberia Airlines, Delta Airlines and Starwood Hotels Crossover Rewards, and the Frequent Flyer Miles Bible.


The Marines ad followed us on every story we read, and we weren’t sure what what was more annoying: the brief stories broken up into segments forcing you to click through again and again to get to the end or the bylines by scribes sans last names (Lauren K, Nathan C, Chris T, etc.).

While it’s true that it takes time for a publication to find its legs, let’s hope that future content features more of A-Trak’s engaging personality and anecdotes from his many travels. That’s a site I’d bookmark and follow any day.


infinite legroom


Hi. My name is A-Trak, but at the airport they call me Mr. Macklovitch.
As a DJ, I might perform in Tallahassee one night and Tel Aviv the next. And what I’ve come to realize is that strange things can happen when you fly around so much. For instance, I never set out to become an expert in toiletry cases. But when you spend more time in hotels and airplanes than at home, your suitcase becomes your home and you start paying excessive attention to things like zippers and 4-way wheels. Inadvertently, your knowledge expands like an inflatable neck pillow.

However, with the exception of small talk with my DJ colleagues, I could never find a resource that compiled the ins and outs of travel. On occasion, while roaming on Boingo hotspots, I would dream of the ideal travel website. And then it hit me. Like a gate agent paging me to the courtesy telephone, I was summoned by my new vocation. Just like that, I decided to create the one-stop destination I longed for. After years of learning the hard way, I can finally share my Tao of travel.

Whether you’re cashing in your first air miles, wondering if noise-canceling headphones are really worth purchasing, or searching for a good place to eat burritos in Beijing, Infinite Legroom will advise you. And it’s all at your fingertips.