New Sepalcure ‘Fight For Us’ EP on the Way


If you’re among the many who have been clamoring for a second Sepalcure EP, asking when it will finally arrive, the answer is…not quite yet. Well, OK, in fact, the duo’s sophomore LP is actually scheduled for an April 2016 release. But damn, that feels pretty far away at this point! Fortunately, there’s a little something on the way much more imminently that may be able to tide all those starved Sepalcure fans over in the meantime. Hotflush has a new EP from the pair on the way, due out October 30.

Travis “Machinedrum” Stewart and Praveen Sharma sound as on point as ever on the Fight For Us EP, which features both the title track and “Music 4 All.” Of course, we could quibble that a record with two tracks on it might more properly be considered a single than an EP, but hey — it’s new music from Sepalcure, so we’re not inclined to look a gift horse too closely in the mouth. So, what do these new tunes sound like? Funny you should ask — you can find the answer for yourself by checking out the preview clips below.