Live review: Global Frequencies Boat Party, NYC

The weather for the maiden voyage of Global Frequencies’ summertime boat parties couldn’t have been better. The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze. Plus, it was held on a three-day weekend that unofficially kicked off summer 2008. The four-hour cruise around Manhattan aboard the Star of Palm Beach began a little late, but nobody seemed to mind. As the boat left the dock and DJs on both levels started to spin, it appeared that everyone aboard was a smoker. (I second-hand smoked about a pack during the party.) Scantily clad girls and their beaus began dancing to the pumping house music, and it wasn’t long before people began accidentally burning each other with cigarettes. They also did silly things like toss a butt overboard against the wind.

As we sailed down the West Side of Manhattan, I smelled something burning. I noticed a group of people disperse and saw a girl and her friends attempting to put her burning hair out.

Beyond the glut of cigarettes, the sound was surprisingly good and the DJs gave their oceanic dance floor exactly what they wanted. None of the tracks really stood out, but this crowd wasn’t looking to hear underground anthems. John Creamer (who headlined the cruise with partner Stephane K) told my friend he had just returned from playing in South America, where was involved in a car accident that killed the driver. Despite a cracked rib and a month in the hospital, Creamer brought his usual brand of quality house. In the end, nobody knew otherwise.

photos by Darren Ressler