Gavin Hardkiss Launches PledgeMusic Drive To Fund 5th Hawke LP

gavin hardkiss hawke

Bay Area DJ/producer Gavin Hardkiss has launched a PledgeMusic campaign to market his upcoming Hawke album, Love In Stars, together with the previous four albums.

According to Hardkiss, the album won’t be available on major digital music outlets. In a missive he wrote, “I have zero interest in releasing this music through iTunes, Pandora or Spotify. It’s only available through PledgeMusic, on vinyl, and on gold USB drives that I’ve hidden around the Bay Area. The first clue to finding the gold USBs is hidden in Hardkiss vinyl records at select record stores. Bartenders at a few venues have the clue too. A Google map with the first clues will be released on 4/1.”

Those who wish to support the release can do so by choosing from a handful of bundles, offering a choice of cool swag including T-shirts, vinyl, slipmats and hats.

A project Hardkiss says has always been album-driven, he is also looking to engage collaborators to be part of the endeavor. That’s why he will be releasing stems of the next Hawke single “Blood is Thicker Than Water,” inviting remixers to reimagine his track for potential release on Hardkiss Music.

Hardkiss succinctly explains his hopes and dreams for Love In Stars in the video below.

image via Facebook