DJ Shadow Has Last Laugh by Releasing Mansion DJ Set Dec. 30 on Beatport

DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow knows that when life hands you lemons you make lemonade. After being asked by promoters to leave the decks during a DJ set at Mansion nightclub in South Beach, Miami earlier this month because he wasn’t playing commercial enough music, the influential Cali-based instrumental hip-hop DJ/producer will make good on his promise to make the infamous set during his All Bases Covered tour available to the public. On December 30 the set he played at Mansion will be made available on Beatport and is “a full, live recording of the entire set, which was notoriously halted for being ‘too hard.’” Shadow has since received a full apology from Mansion, but only after the club and its promoters encountered an onslaught of bad press and negativity from outraged fans. Shadow’s All Bases Covered tour resumes on December 29 at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.