Fischerspooner / Entertainment (FS Studios)


To really enjoy Fischerspooner’s latest effort, you probably need to have been aware of them from the beginning.

This is an act that’s still trying to escape its status as the electroclash poster boys. Granted, one of the best things about Fisherspooner is the “fuck-it” mentality that founding members Casey Spooner and Warren Fisher have always displayed. They played up the fact that Casey was lip-syncing at and purposely fucked things up at shows supporting the release of debut album, #1. While the show was definitely more of a novelty act, the music was awesome. Sophomore release Odyssey dropped the electroclash for a straight-up pop album featuring Spooner’s real vocals and music that was easy to perform live with a band. Well, it was a nice effort, but nowhere near the sensation that #1 caused. That brings us to Entertainment. This is a proper name because entertainment is simply what this is—not much more. Once again, tracks like the anthemic “We Are Electric,” “The Best Revenge,” lead single “Supply & Demand,” and “Infidels Of The World Unite” will work best live. However, more experimental and quirky sounding tracks like “Money Can’t Dance,” “Amuse Bouche,” “Door Train Home” and “To The Moon” provides that perfect blend of oddball pop longtime fans are searching for.

Justin Kleinfeld
File under: Larry Tee, Tiga, Temposhark