Fhloston Paradigm Pay Tribute to Telefon Tel Aviv’s Charlie Cooper

charlie_cooperFhloston Paradigm have paid tribute to Telefon Tel Aviv’s Charlie Cooper, who died in January on the eve of the release of his group’s terrific new album, Immolate Yourself. Fhloston Paradigm, who are signed to King Britt’s FiveSixMedia and were heavily inspired by Cooper’s music, produced two tracks—“Charlie Sleeps” and “Mission 44” —to pay tribute to the late artist.

“Telefon Tel Aviv are one of my favorite groups ever. Their sound was outerdimensional, and I, along with my roster, have so much admiration for their contribution to our music history,” Britt told Big Shot. “When we found out Charlie Cooper passed away, it definitely felt like a close friend had transcended. We dedicate these recordings to him.”