2019 Rewind: Fernanda Martins


How was 2019 for you?
Fernanda Martins: What can I say, it was a fantastic year for me, but it was also an intense one. I’ve been on the road nonstop, and I had the pleasure to play in many different countries all around the globe. Not only did I get to know many exciting cultures, but also friendly and wonderful people wherever I was, from Japan to Chile.

One of the outstanding moments was my live set in Chile in a very special location, the Museo Nacional Bellas Artes. I loved to play there and hang out with the people I met in that trip. It was also a special moment of the year to see my Imprint Devotion Records next to labels such Ostgut, Cocoon and Get Physical in the most charted label worldwide on Resident Advisor. It means we are driving the label in the right way.

It’s not part of my career, but it’s a point that has really occupied me this year and certainly had a big impact on all of us. The big fires in the Amazon rainforest, as well as in Australia, or in many countries all over Africa. And as I write these lines, large areas of the rainforest are still burning. Actually, all economic, political, social and environmental issues had me very worried during all the year.

Song of the year?
Andre Kronert – Terminus (Jonas Kopp Torture Mix) (Odd Even)

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To be honest, I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions for some time now. I try to approach things in my life daily; and I focus in my “life goals resolution.” It helps me to focus in my main goal that is to do what I love with freedom, tranquility, joy and fun!

I expect to visit and play in the USA very soon! We are already working on it and if everything goes right, I’m going to see you guys still in the first semester of the upcoming year. I wish you all a marvelous 2020.

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