Album review: Exercise One / ‘In Cars We Rust’ (Mobilee)

Exercise One / In Cars We Rust (Mobilee)This duo, who are known on the 12” singles scene, brings their style to their first full-length.

In Cars We Rust shows a more improvisational side to Exercise One, taking not only the peak-hour smashers into account, but also, the more chilled-out deep experimental impressions as well. Filling in the blanks between the minimal bass-driven tech jams with ambient moods and emotive synth pads, listeners are ready for the kick once the space departs. The album picks up its pace with “1994,” a brilliantly lush hidden-melody mix of electro bass bits and stripped-down delayed drum work. Scattered throughout the album there are guest appearances from such artists as vocalist Argenis Brito, guitarist Seth Josel and bass guitarist Jacopo Carreras. The heaviest track on board this mission would have to be “It’s Happening Again,” a distorted, heavily-delayed post-punk acid techno monster geared for a serious peak time minimal slot. In Cars We Rust is a traditional techno album, however, several tracks make for some surefire players.
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