Producer profile: Eric Kupper’s Wares


Veteran producer/remixer Eric Kupper has a successful track record of creating smooth, timeless house anthems. On the eve of the release of his latest K-Scope album, Eletrikiss, Kupper gives us a tour of his project studio.

Q&A: Darren Ressler

Tell us about your project studio.
Eric Kupper: My studio is based around ProTools. I have loads of vintage analog synthesizers, mic pre-amps, EQs, microphones, etc., although these days I do mix within ProTools. Sometimes I try to get the sound recorded the way I want it except for reverbs and delays and such. Other times I completely mangle and transform the sound with plug-ins.  I really enjoy plug-ins, being able to create new sounds with given material. I still love my analog synths. I am more into Rolands and Moogs; they are simple and fast to use and create sounds with. I don’t have the patience for Oberheims and such! I also love my Korg MS series synths. I still have the MS-20 I bought back in 1977! I also really like the Roland JP-8080 and the Yamaha AN1-x. They are also go to synths for me.

Is there a particular producer who influenced your sound at the beginning of your career?
Not one, but my producer heroes are George Martin, Brian Eno, Quincy Jones and Todd Rundgren.

What’s your favorite studio trick?
I love compression. I am nuts about it.  Sometimes subtle, sometimes extreme. I love to mess around with compression. All the great records I grew up with had massive amounts of compression on them, not only from compressors, but from the medium that was being used for both recording and playback, tape and vinyl records. There was compression at every stage of the game!

How do you approach DJing these days?
Like always, I never have a clue what I am going to play until I am playing it! I never have a set pre-prepared. I may have a few new tracks that I really want to play, but if I am not feeling the vibe is right for them, they will remain unplayed. I like to be totally spontaneous, really get a feel for what is needed to rock the party.

How does K-Scope differ from the rest of your productions?
Only slightly. I tend to work rather quickly. I am very focused and when I get on a roll, I just keep going. The K-Scope tracks are normally done in one sitting, from start to finish. One idea taken to completion in one creative sweep.

Who is your dream collaboration?
Hmmm, tough one. I would love to work with Björk. I love her melodic sense. I remixed an 808 State track many years ago that she sang on before she really had a solo career. I was hooked from then on!