Big Shot Guest Mix: Speedy J

speedy j

In July we told you about techno stalwart Speedy J‘s involvement in Kreate, a sound library he designed which offers sounds for use by any artist looking to add some techno bite to their tunes. Speedy (a.k.a. Jochem Paap), who has been in the DJ game for two decades, continues to produce, collaborate and helm his Electric Deluxe label. We’re pleased to present this master in the mix with a buoyant 12-track set overflowing with quality tunes topped off with loads of “parts” he adds for flavor.

Says Mr. J, “This mix consists of the tracks listed below, some in recognizable form, some more just used as parts, some and just as samples and parts that I created specifically to add to my performances.”

Big Shot Guest Mix: Speedy J by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Speedy J

1. Alex Bartsch / “Thunk Sport”
2. Dubfire / “Roadkill”
3. Per Grindvick / “Nand”
4. Audion / “Raw Dog”
5. Bjorn Scheurman / “Music Moll” (Spieth Mix)
6. Juan Pablo Pfirter / “Pfirter”
7. Harry Choo Choo Romero / “I Go Back” (Wink Mix)
8. Niederflur / “Typo”
9. Hardcell / “Boiling Point”
10. Sleeparchive / “4”
11. Unknown track
12. Radio Slave / “Grindhouse” (Danton Mix)
Last 10 minutes is just lots of parts