Album Review: Ed Davenport / ‘Counterchange’ (NRK)


Another UK to Germany transplant, Ed Davenport has a rock-solid base of deep sounds that he chisels into techno, dubstep and electronica. So while you’re getting a 12-track, after-dark vibe that’s all cut from the same stone, he can switch from light meandering patter (the paranormal title track that could fit into any dance category – another plus point regarding his adaptability) to using the same elements for something much heavier (techno butcher “One Last Look”). With a therefore natural handover between the two (“Djungel Alliance” is stinging Detroit/acid with a knowhow in staying afloat), Davenport has something approaching perfect album flow.

As everything is kept on an interdependent level, Davenport uses variables of intensity to create the perfect club scenario of switching between rooms but essentially staying in the same place. There is an argument, however, for saying his limited repertoire is at the mercy of how far he pitches up and down the beats per minute. “More Red Lights” and “A Bridge Mystic” are more predictable deep house movements, though entirely what the album is set up for, and “Somewhere” and “Sarum” do offer routes out through more unclassified dance. Therefore don’t doze off and think Counterchange is one ever decreasing circle, but a spidergram smartly developing from a singular idea.
File under: Szenario, Oliver Deutschmann, Wbeeza