DJ Emerson 5 Tracks of the Moment

DJ Emerson

Techno journeyman DJ Emerson (a.k.a. Simon Emerson Kidder) capped off a memorable year by releasing his third full-length album, Repetitive Music, on Berlin-based Micro.fon, a label he’s been running since 2005. While he can throw down sleek, futuristic grooves that can rock any dance floor to its core, the album shows other sides of his musical personality and focuses on styles he’s not widely known for.

Among the LP’s array of surprises is a wonderful breakbeat romp (“Call It What You Want”), a dubby meditation (“Outro”) and a blindingly good drum ‘n’ bass collaboration with fellow countryman Circuit Breaker (“SkyHigh”). So which tracks are dominating his current DJ sets right now? Read below to find out.

1. Johannes Heil – “By Night Pt. 1/3” 
These two tracks have been an important part of my sets ever since they have been released. Two super strong techno tracks that can take the roof off any club at the right time.

2. Thomas Hoffknecht – “Rtch”
I really love this guy’s tracks. Simple, raw and powerful.

3. Klaudia Gawlas – “Monophobia”
Great tune with a wonderful cutting synth. I am also happy to be part of this great label.

4. DJ Emerson – Repetitive Music album
I don’t really like to chart my own music too much. But this album has played such a major role for me this year so I have to list it here, of course.

5. DJ 3000 – “Take Me Away” (Truncate Rmx)
A great groovy and funky track that’s very organic and soulful. I played this a lot during this year. Definitely my most played Truncate tune in 2016. It also has a really good sound.

image by Alkis Moraitis via Facebook