David Herrero 5 Tracks of the Moment


Spanish DJ/producer David Herrero caught our ear three years ago when he released his groovy Maybe Someday EP on Stacey Pullen’s Blackflag Recordings. In the mix since 2009, he’s kept extremely busy, DJing all over and remixing/producing for the likes of 303Lovers, Defected and Stereo Productions.

On December 2 Herrero will present his fourth album, Body, Soul & Other Things, via Nic and Mark Fanciulli’s Saved Records. It’s an impressive collection of carefully created house tracks with ample flourishes of techy tones. The full-length was produced in a studio in Benavente, Spain, where he cajoled an array of hardware — a Dave Smith Evolver, Elektron Machindrum SPS1 and Roland keyboards — to give the album a special sonic flavor.

Before the release of Body, Soul & Other Things, we checked in with Herrero and asked him to tell us about five tracks he’s excited about right now. Continue Reading