Big Shot Guest Mix 305: Dapayk Solo


German techno-house troubadour Dapayk Solo (a.k.a. Niklas Worgt) takes the reigns for Big Shot Guest Mix 305 and delivers a session that captures the essence of his two-decade musical journey into 58 riveting minutes.

Dapayk Solo’s guest mix arrives at an important juncture in his career. In October, he will release his fourth solo album, #nofilter, on his revered Mo’s Ferry Productions imprint. (We’ve heard it and can’t say enough about the freshness of the album’s dozen tracks.)

“I wanted to show a large range of styles in with this set — from leftfield experimental dubstep sound to house, minimal and then techno,” says Dapayk Solo of his guest mix, which features emotive cuts from Funkstörung, Leon Vynehall, Danny Daze and Roland Klinkenberg.

“I feel connected with all of these genres and have played around with them in the last 20 years of performing as a live act. For me a good set should have a nice flow but also it should always evolve and change, tell a story so to say. So, here it is. Hope you guys like it!”

Big Shot Guest Mix 305: Dapayk Solo

  1. Braille feat. Angelica Bess – “Better Than Nothing” (Friends Of Friends)
  2. Funkstörung feat. Jamie Lidel – “So Simple” (Monkeytown)
  3. Andhim – “Cloys” (Monaberry)
  4. Nusha – “Synthetic (SIS Remix)” (Suruba X)
  5. Leon Vynehall – “Time” (K7 Records)
  6. Yard One – “Indigo” (Tact Recordings)
  7. Uffe – “Detox” (Delusions Of Grandeur)
  8. Fouk – “Kill Frenzy” (Heist)
  9. Frits Wentink – “Everybody knows” (Wolf Music)
  10. Christian Burkhardt – “Gin Tronic” (Tiptop Audio)
  11. Dapayk Solo – “Hologram” (DPK)
  12. Leonardo Gonelli – “Give in” (Dirtybird)
  13. MG – “Europa Hymn” (Andy Stott Remix) (Mute)
  14. Danny Daze – “Ready2Go” (Ultramajic)
  15. Roland Klinkenberg – “Yani” (Green)
  16. Pablo Nouvelle – “Invading My Mind feat. Fiona Daniel” (Black Butter Records)