Album Review: Legowelt / ‘The Paranormal Soul’ (Clone)


The Dutchman with a phonebook’s worth of aliases and release after release (after release) since the millennium (meaning he can probably get away with the slightly cheesy sleeve), has sounds homing in on a kind of crystallised float through hyperspace. Driving forward to dancing lights, Danny Wolfers leaves deep house and techno with a mind-opening mystical vapour as “Elements of Houz Music” and “I Only Move For U” have him cruising on a supernova.

Raving at the smoother end of dream machine ecstasy rather than heralding an attack of hoovers and horns, Legowelt starts liberally dropping darker jewels and little spats of techno malice. After “Clap Your Hands” come the supreme authorities that are “Rave Till Dawn” and”‘Transformation of the Universe,” although the latter has a peculiarly ’90s chart-dance smokesecreen that pops up more than once across the album – maybe it’s just these ears, or Legowelt’s wider vision is checking Usura or The Shamen. Moving into freestyle fractals “On The Tiger Train”, stretching the senses as the lightshow becomes an intricate work of art, the grouchiness of “Voice of Triumph” is the arguing equivalent of ‘fuck art let’s dance.’

What prevents Legowelt striking complete nostalgic gold is that he begins to have the same dream of raving over and over again. Conversely that does make for a coherent whole, and optimists will have a grand time with the freshening up of references to past partying.

File under: Franz Falckenhaus, Orgue Electronique, Drexciya