RIP Colin Faver

RIP colin_faver

Pioneering UK DJ Colin Faver, one of the foremost champions of underground dance music, has died at the age of 63.

Regarded as one of the first house and techno jocks, Faver came of age during the heyday of punk rock. His first involvement with music came when his friend offered him a part-time job in a record shop, Small Wonder Records. Faver became a punk and new wave tastemaker and soon oversaw A&R for the Small Wonder record label. Later on, he promoted parties and went on to explore dance music during its infancy. He played all over the UK, spinning clubs such as The Hacienda in Manchester, The Warehouse in Doncaster, Sterns in Worthing and The Orbit in Leeds as well as massive raves such as Knowledge (which he co-promoted with Jane Howard and long-time DJ colleague Colin Dale), Raindance, Energy and Back to the Future. He was also a resident at clubs such as Heaven and the WAG club.

Faver’s golden ear made his show on KISS FM, a pirate radio station he co-founded, an essential listen. He interviewed an array of influential artists and helped shine the spotlight on too many rising stars to mention.

Various friends and fans have taken to social media to pay their respects to him.

Here’s Faver speaking with Larry Heard (a.k.a. Mr. Fingers) in March 1992:

Here’s Faver’s interview with Baby Ford:

And his terrific DJ set with partner Brenda Russell:

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