Album Review: CMC & Silenta ‘ Get It On Now’ (Roca)


Always looking for a party, established German pair CMC & Silenta host high-five hip-hop as an open mic drop-in, breaks and dub where the funk enjoys friendly rivalry with bass, and throw their doors open to let the sunshine in.

The sense of the album being an invite to everyone means that while always keeping up vivacious momentum, the duo’s hosting capabilities don’t want too many spillages or incidents in locked rooms. Soul romp “The Night is Mine” looks to get the police called, but is by itself in the corner compared to everything being toe-tappingly tidy and welcoming. This is irrespective of whether skanking is afoot (The Ragga Twins orchestrating “This is How We Rollin’”), zingy electro-soul is being zipped up (“Where We Started From”), or a big old diva-lead squelch is taking center stage (“Love is Drawn).

Get It On Now is prophetic – grab the moment, as it’s not always something that you’d remember from the night before once your head and tongue are fuzzy the morning after. The beatboxed “Is It True” strikes out Lyrics Born-style while CMC & Silenta are culpable of moulding everything into one, despite the mass of guests and attempts at styles. As if recorded in one marathon session with beers and barbeque on the go, it’s a solid shindig not without substance, if not something you’ll be saving for a rainy day.

File under: Kraak & Smaak, A Skillz & Krafty Kuts, Basement Freaks