Miami Boat Party Etiquette According to Chus & Ceballos

chus and ceballos

Winter Music Conference 2014 is in full swing (read our day one recap here). As the world descends upon Miami to party and listen to world-class and emerging DJs, many will participate in the obligatory boat party. But what should you wear? What should you drink? Chillax, because Madrid-based DJ/producers Chus & Ceballos have you covered.

What do you wear?
Chus & Ceballos: You have to dress like pirates. Just kidding! We recommend wearing white to look like the crew. It’s super hot. No high heels. Super high heels might make you stumble with the waves.

How much should you drink?
On the boat you have to be super careful how much you drink ’cause you can easily vomit and we saw a lot of that going down. You have to drink less than you are used too and make sure you’re enjoying the ride while listening to amazing music. Remember you’re going to be on the boat for five hours, you need to pace yourself.

What should you eat?
Try to keep it as light as possible. Make sure you eat something solid cause there is no food on the boat so you want have a good meal before. Not too much but enough to soak up the alcohol!

What should we bring?
Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat to block the sun, a camera to capture your beautiful adventure, most of all enjoy yourself as you dance above the sea to beautiful music as you see the sun set over the city in the distance.

Chus & Ceballos play Stereo Productions Sunset Yacht Party today, Toolroom vs. Stereo Productions at The Raleigh Hotel on March 28 an the Deep Dish Reunion at Ice Palace Studios on March 29.