Aaahh Freak Out! Joey Negro Drops Comp of Chic-Inspired Cuts


Disco don Joey Negro (a.k.a. Dave Lee) has compiled Le Freak Music Inspired by Chic, a 13-track homage to songs inspired by dance legends Chic. Due out October 30 on Lee’sLondon-based Z Records, the compilation sports 14 hip-shaking tracks from the likes of Ann Margret, Ultra Naté, Van Jones and Delegation (see full track listing below). Also included is Odyssey’s obscure nugget “Together,” the only track on the compendium produced by Chic guitarist Nile Rogers and the band’s late bassist Bernard Edwards. The lone Chic cover comes in the form of Charanga 76’s spirited take on the band’s timeless anthem “Good Times (Como Vamos A Gozar).”

“Records like ‘Good Times’ and ‘We Are Family’ weren’t just big club hits – yes, they were massive on dance floors but they were also pop crossovers all around the world,” writes Negro in the release’s liner notes. “What was noticeable to me back then was even the rock guys I was friendly with (who generally despised disco) quietly liked Chic and admired their rock solid playing and grooves. I guess the best music has this universal appeal, from the casual listener who knows nothing about the fine details of song writing and production right through to the hardcore muso players who hear and appreciate its intricacies.”


  1. Ann Margret – Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes (Part One)
  2. Delegation – Heartache No. 9 (Special Remix Version)
  3. Van Jones – Not About That (Show Me Some Respect)
  4. Firefly – Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side
  5. Charanga 76 – Good Times (Como Vamos A Gozar)
  6. Michael Zager Band – Don’t Sneak On Me
  7. GQ – Shake
  8. Change – Heaven of My Life
  9. Odyssey – Together
  10. Nightlife Unlimited – Lets Do It Again
  11. She – Easy Money
  12. Ultra Naté – New Kind of Medicine (Original Extended Vocal Mix)
  13. Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band – The Secret Life of Us (The Reflex Re√ision)