Carl Craig Named Creative Director For Movement 2010


Just days before the start of this weekend’s Movement 2009 in Detroit comes news that Carl Craig has been named Creative Director for Movement 2010. Craig was fired from a similar role with the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) in 2001 for failing to secure several artist contracts on deadline.

Obligatory press gush from Carl Craig: “Movement is already a great festival and a successful brand. It is an honor to be involved with Movement in this new capacity. I look forward to working with the team from Paxahau to take the artistic vision for the festival to a new level.”

Obligatory press gush from Jason Huvaere, president of Paxahau: “We were extremely excited when Carl agreed to come on board as our new creative director. He has a complete understanding of the history of Techno Music in Detroit. He understands its impact around the world because he lives it every day.”