Butane 5 Tracks Of The Moment


A long way from the small town he grew up in Missouri, Cali-based DJ/producer Andrew Rasse (a.k.a. Butane) has worked hard to realize a formidable discography of rock-solid dance floor productions that dance along the border of underground house and techno. Rasse also boasts one the wittiest artist bios I’ve read in ages. Here’s an excerpt for your consideration: “Butane is an American, although not from Detroit. He would probably get more gigs if he claimed he were…. Butane is not a douchebag, even though a few haters might beg to differ (hey you can’t please everybody). He continues to succeed in the music business against all odds.”

Rasse runs two labels (the established Alphahouse and the newer Extrasketch) and Little Helpers along with Sean O’Neal (a.k.a. Someone Else). With irons in many musical fires, he’s set to release his four-track Techno Mafia EP on limited-edition vinyl on April 20 (a.k.a.).

Ahead of his upcoming set at Rite Of Wednesdays at TBA Brooklyn on February 21, along with an in-store at Halcyon The Shop in Brooklyn on February 22, Rasse shares five tracks that are currently rocking his world. Continue Reading