Review: Burnt Friedman – ‘Con Ritmo’ (Nonplace)

Burnt Friedman Con Ritmo

This man of many talents is known for his jazzed-out impressionist releases, blending samples, luminous keyboard solos and vibraphone styles. On this occasion, Nonplace is revisiting an album from nine years ago, updating it with four bonus tracks not previously released.

The album, high on dubby soundscapes and laced with Latin complexion, steps forth into the digital lounge world. Giving the impression of a live act, this album actually contains track edits, overdubs, up-to-date mastering and an overall new impression. Gathering up such additional artists as string maestro Josef Suchy and Bernie The Bolt (a technological breakthrough called the Humphrey X-34, a bass-playing robot), the magic of fusion jazz improvisation is spellbinding and would make Ornette Coleman do a double-take. With an added bonus, El Atomo Corazon joins the mix for some massive Moog solo action, making this album pulse with soul. Great for a game of cards or an introspective cross-country drive in the car, once you press play you’ll be sucked right in.

File under: Herbie Hancock, Symbiosis Orchestra, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra