Burnski (a.k.a. James Solace) 5 Tracks of the Moment

Burnski James Solace

Working in a genre whose artists often stick to one stylistic lane, British DJ/producer James Burnham (a.k.a Burnski) has never been afraid to draw outside of the lines. Known for integrating elements of UK garage, two-step and drum ‘n’ bass into his techy house music productions, Burnham never fails to innovate with each release.

This month he dropped Mind Music, a raucous, highly impressive four-track EP for Hot Creations, produced under his James Solace alias. Tracks like “Catalyst” and “Groove” are funky-ass jams that present yet another side of this formidable musical maestro.

We checked in with Burnham and got him to share five songs he can’t live without right now. Continue Reading