DJ Sneak and Steve Angello Collaborating on ‘Surprise’ Project


A year after they engaged in a bitter feud on Twitter, house hero DJ Sneak and former Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello have collaborated on a musical project called Surprise. Apparently the union came about when the two DJs crossed paths at an airport a few months ago. Instead of exchanging insults, the DJs took the high road and traded tracks, leading to their unlikely musical partnership. The bad news? Fans interested in hearing their collaboration are going to have to wait until April Fools’ Day 2222. Sources close to both DJs tell us their associated string of club gigs will only take place in Antarctica — which will find them tag teaming on two cassette decks and two 8-track players — will be dubbed the When Hell Freezes Over tour. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more on this, er,  interesting and most unlikely musical union.