Big Shot Guest Mix 326: Andy BSK


Slovakian DJ/producer Andy BSK (a.k.a. Andrej Belak) is one of the forerunners of hardgroove techno, a hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners sub genre brimming with grooves and energy. A prolific artist who has been producing records since he was 16, he went into the lab and fired off an exclusive Big Shot Guest Mix featuring tracks by Bryan Kearney, Proteck, Jon Connor and Ignition Technician. The 18-track session also features his unreleased track “Pyramids.”

Here’s what he had to say about the mix:

I mixed this DJ set for every hardgroove fan. It’s mixed so that you can just only listen and enjoy the tracks but it’s good for dancing too. I don’t have any plan [sic] when I am playing. I just start playing and the tracks come…. It’s all about how I feel or from my mood. Hope you all will like this DJ set. Let the Hardgroove force be with you all. Peace!

Big Shot Guest Mix 326: Andy BSK

  1. Bryan Kearney – More To Life (Discover Dark)
  2. TKNO – The Platform (Yin Yang)
  3. Proteck – Kiss My B Side (GT Muzike)
  4. Muttek – Prometeo (Rattle Records)
  5. Mika – Infusion (Yin Yang)
  6. Marco Mauz – Stataject (Global Techno Movement)
  7. Kriss Overlake – Groovy Dancing (Climax)
  8. Jon Connor – Fire Line (Techno Factory)
  9. Ignition Technician – Skyliner (Chris Chambers Hardgroove Remix) (Phunkation)
  10. Chicago Loop – Hooked On (Capital Techno Recordings)
  11. DJ Baly – Tech De Luxe (Hristian Stojanowski Remix) (Fever)
  12. Distek – Skins (Sub Cult)
  13. David Moleon – Tranki (Patterns)
  14. Goncalo M – Complex Pro (Rework Mix) (Intuition Recordings PT)
  15. Chris Chambers – Paraliza (Phunkation)
  16. F.Tek – Scorpion (Techsturbation Records)
  17. Andy BSK – Pyramids (unreleased)
  18. Andy BSK – HypHop Gengsta (Invicta Records)