Star-Studded Video Pays Tribute to Tony Wilson


The world will forever owe Tony Wilson a debt that can never be fully repaid. The Manchester music mogul founded Factory Records, started The Haçienda nightclub, hosted a groundbreaking TV show and did more to advance the cause of post-punk and dance music in England than just about anybody. When he left us way too soon in 2007, he left a huge hole behind that can never be filled. Fortunately for us, people still can’t seem to help trying. People like poet Mike Garry and composer Joe Duddell. Together, the two created “St. Anthony: An Ode to Anthony Wilson.”

The single combines Garry’s poem for Wilson with Duddell’s New Order-inspired music (apropos, since there might not be a New Order without Wilson’s help). Proceeds go to the Christie Charitable Fund, maintained by the cancer center where Wilson passed.

There’s also a video on the way which features an all-star assemblage reciting lines from “St. Anthony,” including Steve Coogan (who played Wilson in biopic 24 Hour Party People), New Order, Mike Pickering, Andrew Weatherall, Iggy Pop and many more.

The single also includes a remix by Andrew Weatherall, and will be available on August 14, but you can pre-order it here. The launch party at Wilson’s old TV haunt, Granada Studios, will feature a live performance of the single by Garry and Duddell, plus DJ sets, and will benefit the Christie Fund as well.