2017 Rewind: Alland Byallo

Alland Byallo

How was 2017 for you?
Alland Byallo: This was a really interesting year. I took some time to focus on my visual art, stepped a bit away from music to reevaluate my place in it. In the end I became even more inspired, though I’ve distanced myself from the nightlife side quite a bit more than expected. But the good news is that I’ve returned to my more experimental roots, feel more creative and free, moved my studio home, and am about to get to work on my third album. My band KAMM finished up a new demo mini-LP which we’re shopping now. Also bringing back the Bad Animal label with Kenneth Scott, and have some other more secret projects in the works! I won’t get into how crazy the planet is right now, but it seems like a good time to just go for broke and do something meaningful, put some honest art, music and feeling out into the world.

I’m happy to see people who’ve had to fight so much harder for the spotlight thus far, doing better and getting further. It’s time.

Still Trump.

Song of the year?
Ugh. This is so hard. I’m gonna say Joy Orbison’s “Fuerza,” then spend the week thinking of twelve other cuts I could have mentioned! I will say I’m super stoked on all the Burnt Friedman records coming out!


What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Keep trying to become the best version of myself. Oh and maybe try to be a bit less of a recluse. 😉

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