Album review: Alex M.O.R.P.H. / Purple Audio (Vandit)

purpleaudioBorrowing track names aside (“Sunset Boulevard,” “Wanna Be”), Alex M.O.R.P.H.’s debut artist album is as fresh and original as you’d expect from a producer signed to Paul van Dyk’s label Vandit label. Ranging from the uplifting and euphoric to the pumping and hard-hitting, Purple Audio is remarkably diverse for a trance album, with tracks like “No Regrets” and “Heavensgate” as far apart on the trance spectrum as you can get.

Vocals, however, are a current theme throughout, so be prepared for the catchy lyrics of tunes such as “Photograph” to get stuck in your head. Highlights include the sunny, feel-good track “Break The Light” and (not surprisingly) his collaboration with Paul van Dyk for the dark and proggy “In Circles.” Although it may not have been necessary to include every single mix of each individual record, Purple Audio is a very well thought out album that somehow comes off as effortless.
Ellie Hanagan
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Paul van Dyk, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Mike Koglin