Live review: Unexhausted Sundaze at SB3, New York City

“I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a little drunk.” Globetrotting DJ/producer Lenny Dee, who helms the respected Brooklyn-based Industrial Strength Records, confided these words after playing a set of house and obscure cuts (including one from Nancy Sinatra!) at Unexhausted Sundaze on Sunday night. Known for his ferocious, big room sets in Europe, this techno titan doesn’t normally get to play for a small room.

On a day when most people kick back and unwind (especially when the weather outside is so damn nice), Mr. Dee was able to play tunes that don’t fit into his typical DJ sets. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but Unexhausted Sundaze also featured Aaron Liberator, Mark Verbos, John Selway and Shimmer & Stumble on the bill. These world-class DJs had the run of the cozy two-level bar (though we couldn’t vouch for their sobriety), and techno never sounded so good on the seventh day of the week. Unexhausted Sundaze made Monday morning a little less grim for a change.

Lenny Dee
Lenny Dee in the midst of dropping a Nancy Sinatra track (for real!)
Mark Verbos
Mr. Mark Verbos
John Selway
John Selway in the house
Shimmer & Stumble
Shimmer & Stumble: Obviously unaware of NYC’s no smoking rule.
Lenny Dee dancing
Lenny Dee: A dynamo in the DJ booth and the dance floor!

photos courtesy of Jules