Review: Balcazar – ‘Between The Airports’ EP (Desertor Gang)

Balcazar - Between The Airports EP


Marco Balcazar (a.k.a. Balcazar) was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and has since had his music heard all around the world. He has released music on Blaq, Prisoner of Love and Neim Records and has a deep, stripped back dub-house sound that is for the heads. Here he serves up two more such jams that will find favor with the more discerning DJs out there.

First up, “Air Side” is a breezy cut with subtle atmospherics floating about the airwaves above a somber bassline. Celestial night sky melodies come into focus and lighten things up in fascinating ways that send your mind into sci-fi overdrive. The other track included is “Land Side,” a slightly more up-tempo track with ominous sounding melodies and paranoid bass hits driving the thing along. It’s a back room basement track for the dead of night, but despite being so stripped back still packs a heft punch.

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