Review: Steeve Eckhart – ‘Remixed & Revisited’ (OD Music)

Steeve Eckhart - Remixed & Revisited


OD Music Group unearths four great Steeve Eckhart tracks and has them remixed by Waxlife, Terrence Pearce, Evans and label co-boss Ariel Camusso. The results equal some fine house and techno moments that you need in your life. First up, Waxlife tackles “Life Water,” which is an intricate bit of sketch sound design of the sort Villalobos would lap up. Its alien, abstract and arresting simply because of how weird the sounds are. Cape Town DJ/producer Terrence Pearce, with releases on Kolour, Futureboogie, Wolf Music and more, then tackles “Pop Corn.” This one is much slower and more sumptuously designed. It’s a deep, lazy and soothing listen. In addition to a beautifully classy and heart warming house remix of “Sweet Moment” from Evans, the package closes out with the sleazy, street leaning ghetto slang of Camusso’s reworking of “The Black Pope.” It slaps you round the face in fantastic fashion and closes out a great EP.

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