Review: Various Artists – ‘Rave Of Love 01’ (Rave Of Love)

Rave of Love 01 compilation


Swiss DJ Low Tales is a producer who’s already turned out tunes for labels such as Svogue Muziq, Monophonic and Sascha Braemer’s Whatiplay. For his latest trick, he calls on a raft of his producers for a compilation which signals the start of his own label, the wonderfully named Rave Of Love. And with six tracks from six different artists on offer, this is very much a heavyweight package too.

Kicking it all off is Garibovic with “Funky Juice,” a track that does its one job well enough. A DJ tool especially for percussion fans, you’d imagine it’s never intended to really stick out from everything else on offer here. Pablo Einzig’s “Niagara” is far more enticing, with its bulging synths and its spiky, devil-may-care ethos a real winner. For me, the highlight of the EP. Up next is Parkcity. “Raw Warrior” is another most effective number, with its rubbery pads and its cosmic tinges leading us toward a warm, sweltering place. Pete & Pete’s “Banto Selakis” is another off-kilter cut, Timoteo’s “Bugs In My Ears” helps matters progress nicely and the last track, Vanita’s “Cries,” reinforces the view that this is a label worth watching out for.

Rave Of Love 01 might not feature an abundance of established stars, but then again, Rave of Love is clearly a label keen to do things on their own terms. It’s an approach that’s just as refreshing as the music itself.

Ian Fleming

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