DJ Hell / International Deejay Gigolo’s CD Eleven (Int’l Deejay Gigolo)

DJ Hell

The 11th volume of the DJ Hell-run imprint once again captures the label’s eclectic style that ranges from dirty electro to gorgeous techno and sinister acid.

Once again the only thing binding this whole non-linear collection together is Hell’s refined musical taste—a cornerstone of the International Deejay Gigolo label mission statement. The first disc mainly focuses on very minimal and physical electro vibe with the old veterans holding things down as DJ Pierre, Richard Bartz, Peter Kruder, and Hell himself provide a dizzying unrelated whirl of fresh new sounds and directions in the seemingly played out world of electro. The second disc is the far better of the two as the label delves deep into the seedy world of underground, late night German techno. A seemingly endless supply of bottom-dwelling deep cuts from Abe Duque, Marascia, and Snuff Crew, among others, holds things down for the 4am crowd.

Sean Michael-Yoder
File under: Fischerspooner, Larry Heard, Sven Väth

Darren Ressler