Album Review: Deetron / ‘Music Over Matter’ (Music Man)



A house network providing a little bit of everything, and rarely disappointing whatever mood you’re in. Vocal numbers, funky muscle, regeneration of prototypes, electro-pop gateways and deep house settlements with an additional filtered disco plug, make simple a potentially oversubscribed mix and match.

This is after initially allowing image conscious tracks through the same gate as uptown grooves. The former naturally chafing against the roll of the latter, become easily ignorable as you get to the album’s warm core, Deetron’s sequencing getting them out the way early as simple means of demoing his repertoire. As his ego is reined in at the point of the Hercules & Love Affair feature “Crave,” attempts at edginess pass without incident, both to the detriment and benefit of the LP. The Seth Troxler writhe “Love Song” jostles in the same position, saved by expertly throwing back acid forwards. Either way, both are scolded by the spiritual “Bright City Lights.”

“Sing” will take you to rooftops so you can broadcast its praises, and “Can’t Love You More” will fly when rays are on its back. “Starblazer” deserves upgrading from ‘only’ being the bonus track with a tough bump and hustle; overall, strong songwriting and vocals from dons, divas and crowd pleasers aside, the dance floor isn’t really treated to anything out of the ordinary. Yet with Deetron keeping the basics strong and trad values topped up for sun worshippers and graveyard shifters, treated it most definitely is.

File under: Subb-An, Steven Tang, The Shapeshifters

Matt Oliver

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