Compilation Review: ‘Matt Walsh presents The Clouded Vision Experiment’ (Clouded Vision)


For ‘experiment,’ read: a house mix keeping you on your toes as it dips and drives between and round styles. UK face Matt Walsh and his Clouded Vision cronies are party-amped and ready to go overtime on your sinews. The science to making everything gel, with the label owning the dancefloor in a variety of correlations, is unafraid to stretch and stifle running times, and Walsh runs a tight ship for those that love the throb of the focused.

From the bossy acid-tech stomp of Walsh & Remote’s “Draco” to wiry glides, cool cats (My Favorite Robot, Red Axes), and Detroit-dyed workouts (DC Salas taking it back to “1988,” the seesaw bassline of Carreno Is LB that’s so effective it should be criminal), it’s a set pointing at those still hanging by the bar and telling them to get on with it. Tim Paris’ “Viking Love” and Damon Jee’s “Retronovo” are at the front of those wagging fingers with warning, though where the swashbuckling “White Rooms” from Raudive comes from is anyone’s guess, as tech-house peers over at deep house and vice versa. This is no singalong, it isn’t one long countdown to fireworks going off, yet hands won’t need any encouragement to clutch at the ceiling: a point hammered home by the synthetic heaven Chardonnay reaches on “The Church of Moroder,” switching up right til the end. Clubbers will find Walsh’s findings very satisfying indeed.

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Matt Oliver

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