Compilation Review: ‘Disco Circus Vol. 3, Compiled & Mixed by Mighty Mouse’ (Bears Eat Fish)


The old maxim says that hardcore will never die, but disco is not giving in easily either. From fantastic in plastic to true school grooving, Mighty Mouses soundclash ensures the original sound won’t date by being take under its wing by upfront interpreters. With the record-roving rodent going back and forth in time, the merger is unashamed about leaving the joins in, between disco re-ups of Duane Eddy, shows of ’70s/’80s pride and fresh takes on the Giorgio Moroder standard, next to works from Todd Terje, Blackstrobe, Oliver and Shake Alletti.

Mighty Mouse allows for a sound that is more straight-up house, with cosmic starship trooping from Worship, and more understated, less flamboyant strands that don’t mean any less entertainment (a couple of Mighty Mouse’s own beginning disc two). Let’s not argue what disco is really meant to sound like, ‘cos with traditional circus clowns and trapezists, you’re gonna get some contortionists and firebreathers as well. There’s a lot fun to be had; utterly groovesome, and in places it will make your heart soar: RAC’s mix of Gigamesh features a space-synth reaching an impossible high. Be prepared to have a spare pair of dancing shoes with you, and watch Mighty Mouse come and save the day for a third time.
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Matt Oliver

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