Gear Review: Audio Raiders Sasha Soundlab

For today’s dance music enthusiasts, great sounds and chart-topping loops are only a click away. But with this rush of data, there are a lot of weeds to sift through to get to the pay dirt, but the game is starting to change thanks to Audio Raiders. These computer wizards have teamed up with the globetrotting superstar Sasha to collaborate not just another sample pack, but a whole new sample-based instrument.

Hosted in the Native Instruments Kontakt Player environment, this uniquely crafted sample pack is not just pick and play, but rather edit and redefine. Included is a host of useable sounds in addition to just killer loops. There are 20 pad and lead synths, 69 drum and percussion kits, and 100 various loops and grooves. Each of these sounds were brilliantly produced and recorded using the top lusted hardware instruments we all stalk on those XXX gear sites.

Within each sound or loop, you have full control over pitch, envelopes, filters, effects and glitch bits, just as if you would on a proper soft-synth. After loading up a few patches and jamming with a kick drum, it’s easy to see why this pack is constantly in demand. The synth’s sheer sonic girth is amazing; the drums are hard-hitting, and the loops are not just some recycled Electronic Musician free sample CD library from 2001.

Get ready to work your way up the Beatport charts with your first release using this sample instrument, as now you have free reign ofo some of the world’s greatest machines.
Audio Raiders Sasha Soundlab (MSRP: $99)


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