Review: AFFKT – Son of a Thousand Sounds


4.5 out of 5 stars

After nearly three years of work, Sincopat patrón AFFKT is back with his sophomore LP Son of a Thousand Sounds. True to the name, the spinnin’ Spaniard brings together the best elements of house, techno, electronica, chill-out and more on this long-player of new bits and old hits.

Here’s a rapid-fire recap of the action (try to keep up):

The smooth into of “Dreamback” rolls out broken beats that grab the ear, and the sound is a nod to the extreme ways things played in the 1990s. “Oxi” is a deep and techy house groover that drops into a straight beat supporting smooth synths and atmospheric layers. We’ve been to “San Diego” before and the return trip hasn’t lost any of the fun energy. “Between Us” cools things down; it’s a perfect time out to take a breath among the gently pulsing basslines, tinkling synths, and layers of emotional ambience. “The Show” is worth the price of admission; the hook and poppy vocals by Sutja Gutierrez make this catchy electronica cut a winner. “Ikigai” presents an introspective intermission, a time to reflect upon what’s come before and to anticipate what’s ahead. “Flashcrash” is the second of three songs featuring Sutja Gutierrez. Hold on for this one; the melancholy vibe contrasts nicely with the upbeat vocal work. It’s good. It’s evil. It’s a bipolar bopper. “Boira” is a chiller that sounds like it was beamed down from the mothership to initiate First Contact. “Someone in the Sky” is another we’ve seen before; it’s got a gentle groove but lacks luster. “Mareny” is a more-than-minimal techy break; a great follow-up to “Sky.” “Ceniza” has a unique personality; it’s a blissful percussion-driven downtempo ride. Last up is “Esclafit,” another broken-beat downspin with stutters, thrumming pads and good vibrations. Great way to close the set!

The tracks can stand alone, but for full Zen effect you’ll want to put on the cans, sit back and just lose yourself to the journey.

DJ Elroy

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