Review: Myles & Mike – Let’s Get Started

Myles-+-Mike-Lets-Get-Started DeepLife Records

4 out of 5 stars

Myles & Mike’s newest project “Let’s Get Started” (Deeplife Records) brings a grinding techy attitude to the floor. “Let’s Get Started” is all about the drum layers, atmospheric builds, and twangy bass playing beneath skittering percussion and punctuated with a digital duck call; it’s all about the quirky energy. “LFT” brings in heavy kicks and buzzing synth wings swarming and pulsing to an almost klaxon-like effect with water-drop percs and suggestive whispers. The pounding four-to-the-floor drops into a quick wave of broken beats before firing back up to speed on this techno treat.“Movement” is all about the interplay between the bassline and the chiming leads and stuttering grit of the power-tool attacks. Also included is the LFT DJ Tool, which is just what you’d expect. The pack is an underground contradiction of sorts; rough and smooth, deep and energetic, all at once. Brilliant work all-around from Myles & Mike. Diversity is key; this EP could bang both the dark peak-time dance floors or the deeper after-hours sets. Great stuff.

DJ Elroy

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