Review: Waze & Odyssey – Ride My Truck/Strobe Light (Flash Lights)

Waze & Odyssey – Ride My TruckStrobe Light Flash Lights

4 out of 5 stars

Steve Lawler’s VIVa MUSiC prides itself on high quality cuts and sonic diversity, and the new banger from UK duo Waze & Odyssey — read their exclusive USA tour diary here — lives up to expectations. “Ride My Truck” cobbles together farty bass rips, twangy rubber band synths and a ghetto-house hook for a freakishly underground monster. Zap it with 50,000 watts of juice and this beast comes to life and will be dominating dance floors all summer! “Strobe Lights” (Original) is exactly the twisted mind-funk you’d expect from the panned mayhem of samples and flashin’ audio blasts bouncing around inside your brain. Huxley’s “Strobe” remix dials down the heavy tech aggression but add a few more layers, giving his version an almost sinister New York house sound.

DJ Elroy

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