Review: Jos & Eli and DJ Zombi – Internal Affair


5 out of 5 stars

“Internal Affair” is the 40th release on Darin Epsilon’s Perspectives Digital, and oh my, what a way to commemorate the two-score mark! Jos & Eli and DJ Zombi have crafted a piece of progressive tech perfection in the Original “Internal Affair.” The driving beats and melodic fills are just the beginning — this massive masterpiece slowly unfolds with gentle percussion accompanying the hypnotic rumble laid atop a throbbing bottom. Everything is seamlessly woven together with airy undercurrents as the ecstatic build tips into an epiphonic breakdown. The Alternate Mix breaks the mold, so to speak, with its proggy broken-beat bliss. It’s just as epic as the Original, but darker and moodier. Rounding out the pack is the bold Donatello & Arnas D remix. Each layer really pops and there’s a sinister groove under it all that gives this one its own unique personality. Grab ‘em all!

Darren Ressler

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