Review: Gameboyz feat. Mijo – The Kakum EP (Melomana)

Gameboyz Kakum-EP


The Kakum EP is what you get after a sordid one-night stand between sweaty techno synths and sexy Latin beats. Gameboyz feat. Mijo delivers in spades on this two-track release, with great percussive layers, heavy tech riffs and hypnotic grooves that will hook the dance floor. “Oakum” has a rough bite, and once it grabs hold it doesn’t let go. The flipside, “Chaka Chaka,” pops out tribal chants and weaves plenty of 8-bit sounds into this drum-driven dance floor ear worm. Melomana has been on point lately, and the Kakum EP continues to raise the bar. Watch for it on March 21.

DJ Elroy

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