Review: Oniris – Meharee EP (Systematic Recordings)

Oniris – Meharee EP Systematic


Dark tech-house has always been a niche in dance music. Often it’s been relegated to the back room of the club and the undercard on bills, probably due in large part to the subtlety and slow build of music that’s more intent on creating a mood than offering a disposable bass drop or fist-pumpin’ hook. Veteran French DJ/producer Oniris is no stranger to the sound. He’s paid his dues both behind the decks and in the studio, with his productions gaining support from greats like John Digweed, Agoria, Laurent Garnier and Marc Romboy to name a few. His debut Meharee project on the aforementioned Romboy’s Systematic Recordings is set to win over new fans and satisfy existing ones.

The EP’s title track sets the pace with a somber piano chord progression before building up steam with haunting wind instruments, atmospherics and a Middle Eastern vibe. “Capacocha” rolls out with a fat kick, dirty synths and tinkling stabs all woven together in a driving progressive structure that says you’ve got two choices: hold on or get left behind. My favorite of the EP, “Landscapes,” is a bit more melodic than its brethren and while still on the deep side of things isn’t quite as stygian as the others.

DJ Elroy

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